Learn Angular with me, as I go learning it myself. A series of tutorial posts on AngularJS, coming right up.

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Long time ago, in a land far-far away, I was confused between learning EmberJS, and AngularJS. Finally, Having gone through the Getting Started sections of both, I had decided not to learn either, and instead wait for either one of them to mature enough for them to be stable, and come out as something more than just a JavaScript framework.

Fast forward to today, and I see angular being used for some very advanced web, desktop, and mobile stuff. This has prompted me to take up Angular, which is now mature enough to not be susceptible to change — case on point, the recent version changes that it went through; Angular 1 was purely JavaScript, Angular 2 used TypeScript (though you could still use JavaScript if you wanted to), and now the jump to Angular 4 (Angular 3 was not released, and was a more of an internal release). With Angular (4), it seems like that there’s a clear road map ahead. And so, it’s time to take up on that disposed thought of learning Angular.

EmberJS is still around, and kicking too. But for various reasons (like using Ionic, Cordova, and Electron), Angular is the way forward for someone like I.

AngularJS Tutorial Series: Why, what, and how?

I thought it would be a good revision of sorts to learn Angular, and then write a post on what I’ve learned, as a tutorial of sorts, to further understand what’s been taught. You know what they say, if you want to understand something, then learn it, and teach it or something of the similar sorts. So that’s going to be the game plan going forward; at the least for some time.

Then there’s the value of these posts helping not just me remember, and reference, but also others out there who may wish to learn Angular too. Yet another reason, is that writing here, with the intention of “reporting back” on my daily Angular learning hour, maybe a great way of staying accountable for it all or so I think.

As for the tutorial posts, I am thinking a series is in order. A daily tutorial post maybe, if I can keep up, and manage my timely resources.

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