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“It’s easy to form opinions, adopt prejudices. It’s easy to like someone or something, and easier not to like someone or something. It’s easy to say goodbyes, to stop listening, to stop caring, and carry on than to wait, listen, understand, and try to relate.”

I took a small trip this month, to Auroville to witness, and maybe take part in the Tango festival here. Like the last visit here, this time I learned somethings about me, and have this incredible want to change some other stuff, about me.

Last year, when here, I was quick to form opinions, judge things, and people after. certain events had come to pass; this, without getting to know what went on behind the scenes of these events, and the people involved with them. I’ve always done that. I’ve always judged people, and things after getting to know them, never giving a second thought to the motivations, experiences, and circumstances that may be the reason as to why someone or something would behave or proceed in a certain manner; one that is not to my liking or preference. Which, I thought was okay; at the least, I wasn’t judging without giving away the benefits of doubt. I was wrong.


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