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Well, I am at a space where all that I wanted to say about Daily Write, I’ve done already… here, and here. So this is a bit blank for me. We started work on Daily Write on the 3rd of January, 2015. Well, I did. By starting to learn iOS development; and here we are, today. It’s surreal to be exact. It’s not sinking in; for some reason it’s not sinking in.

Our First Rejection, and Reaction.

Yesterday I got an email, that Daily Write had entered the review process. About a couple of hours later, I get an email from the review team, stating there’s a new communication waiting in the resolution center. I took a deep breath, clicked on the resolution center’s link provided within the email; logged in. There it was - Your app has been rejected, in an unformal way with the subject of the email stating that a new message from App Review for Daily write was waiting for me in the resolution center. At this point my only, immediate concern was that the code, and the design shouldn’t be the reason that the app was rejected. Some very tense moments later, it becomes clear and it’s a relief to know that neither was it the design of the app, nor the code. Phew!

Daily Write iOS App for Writing Prompts
Daily Write Approved!

It was that the review team needed some more information, and I think some sort of a misunderstanding between the description, and the way the app worked. Reading what was stated in the resolution centre, it became clear that I may just need to clarify, and tell the review team how to make the app do all the things it supposedly does based on it’s description. I immediately replied to the review team, stating that the description was correct, and that the app had a tutorial screen that would let people know how to use it. I also made sure that I mentioned how the app achieves all that we wrote in the description. This was yesterday.

In The Next 24 Hours Daily Write Will Be Available In The App Store

Daily Write iOS App for Writing Prompts

Fast forward to today, evening. I am sitting at the same coffee shop that Frivolewis, and I started our little adventure together from. I am sure that Frivolewis had tons of things going on, up in his head with respect to the app’s rejection. Me? I was thinking Okay, so let’s just change the description, then re-upload the binary, and re-submit for review.

At some point during our evening coffee stint, my phone buzzes. It’s an email, from the guys over at the iOS store. The subject boldly states “The status of your app, Daily Write, is now Ready for Sale.*” I cooly, and very collectedly show this email to Frivolewis, while extending my hand for a shake. He doesn’t get it at the first go. I show it to him again, keeping my arm extended. It sinks in for him. We both lay back, and order another round of frappes, and enjoy the evening.

So yea, Daily Write will be available on the app store within the next 24 hours.

To tell you the truth. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. There’s a bottle of some good scotch waiting. Cheers!

Daily Write iOS App for Writing Prompts - Cheers!

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