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One of my long term goals, is to set my foot on one of the basecamps of Mt. Everest . It’s something that I am looking forward to and, working for. I’ve spoken to people who have achieved this feat. And one thing that all of them agree on is the fact, that it’s difficult and requires will power more than anything else. I’ve given myself about 3 years more or so, to get in shape. Both mentally and, physically. In 3 years, I should be mentally and physically fit to be able to stand below that mountain.

The Everest basecamp was hit by an avalanche, on the 25th of April, 2015. The avalanche was caused by an earthquake. Yesterday, while browsing through Reddit’s frontpage, I came across this video, embedded below. There are certain scenes in the video where, you can hear the heartbeat of the person who’s holding the camera. You can hear it, every time he breathes. Naturally, I’ve got my work cutout for me.

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