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We were confused, as in we didn’t know how to move forward with Appathetic. Not in terms of what we want / wanted to do with respect to work, and work product. But more so in terms of establishing something official with respect to Appathetic.

Until today it’s been an unofficial start, and an unofficial partnership. And both of us involved with Appathetic, are commitment phobic - Gamophobic. So, Naturally I (don’t know how frivolewis works around this) tried keeping all the paperwork aside; wanting to go ahead with working for Appathetic, and wanting to know where it could lead us to, or lead us into, before I committed fully to it. Every time the idea of paperwork came up, I was the one that pushed it aside; purposefully so; knowingly, or unknowingly so; and frankly it’s more of “self-preservation” than anything else.

Having failed so many times, in so many other ventures, with so many other friends, and acquaintances, with so many bridges burnt, and futures spent - all of it kind of piles up, if you know what I mean. You don’t get back up unscathed when you fall down. That pile-up, does affect your future decisions - chalk it up-to learning from past mistakes, or whatever.

Last week in another post about Appathetic, and our second app, I mentioned that we came to the city of Bangalore for an experiments of sorts, amongst other things on the agenda. Today marks the last day here in Bangalore.

It’s been fabulous - I am filled with the feeling of elation, and accomplishment. Because this trip, more than anything else that it may have done for Appathetic with respect to this second app we’re close as hell to launching - It did more for me on a very personal level. It helped me make up my mind, to finally lose my fears, and inhibitions w.r.t making Appathetic official.

Apart from being an experiment of sorts (which you can read about here), I wanted to know if we could create a comfortable work environment for each other, and be able to work while being on the same page - something that has been lacking from all of previous endeavours, leading to those afore mentioned burned bridges - Call me a skeptic, but I’d hate losing yet another friend, and that’s why all of these small little twisty tests.

Now that we’re at our last leg of the experiment, where we finished our second, small app in 9 days flat - I think I am convinced enough to know that this idea of Appathetic, may actually have a future. Today, I know I am ready to formalise this arrangement, with gusto.

I in-fact love this arrangement we have now. With no office, no restrictions on what we should work on, and alternate months of travel while working to accomplish a goal, or milestones - all of which I’ve been waiting to do for a long time. Something I’v dreamed of doing for so long, and have been working towards to make it possible.

So, yea; paperwork for Appathetic starts first week of November! And I am truly excited to see where this leads. Feeling hopeful - after a long, long time!

Oh, And A Sneak Peek

Here’s a small sneak peek of our second app, that’s coming out very very soon.

Appathetic's Second App - Coming Very Very Soon

We’re still at it, the app has been completed. Only some finishing touches are left, and then we launch our first ever android app!

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