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It’s been quite here at Appathetic central. At least that’s what updates on Appathetic’s blog, or rather the lack there-of may suggest. Nothing could be more further away than the sentence with which this post kicks off.

Appathetic Central?

Let’s discuss the term I use above, “Appathetic Central” - where’s that, you may inquire? - No, this post is not about acquiring a shiny, new office space; we don’t have an office, and up until last month we were working out of our respective homes, with the tables at the local cafe being our conference, and meetings room.

This month is special - we decided to work while traveling. This to get inspired, meet people, and enjoy different settings, and environments. We wanted to observe, and learn how would that affect our productivity. And we can quickly see that it may become a new “thing” we do. We’ve have been thinking about traveling more, traveling for an entire month to work at different locations. Traveling for work, every other month. That’s what we think our “office”, or rather “Appathetic Central” should be.

Current Appathetic Central
Working from the current Appathetic Central

Keeping that idea of Appathetic Central in mind, we decided to do a sort of a test run. We decided to head to Bangalore ; to work from here, and see the city. I am writing this post from an Airbnb apartment with a beautiful view, quite lanes, and cool nights. I am writing this post, after successfully reaching a new milestone while developing this second app that Appathetic is currently working on; so far this little test is going smoothly.

What Was That About The Second App?

As I mention above, for this month we are now working out of Bangalore, residing at a very beautiful place thanks to Airbnb. We are taking this time, and coming up with another app that makes frivolewis’, and my life easier with respect to being able to get somethings on our phones done faster. Vague, I know but hold on just a bit longer for the release update.

Here’s what I can tell you about this new app - it will be released for the Android platform first, and soon. Because achieving what we set out to achieve with this new app is possible with android, and in the meantime we’re looking at how we can port it over to iOS. The app’s footprint is small, and it does just one thing. The interface looks gorgeous, not that you would be spending much time using it. Embedded below is the new, shiny, and an awesome final logo we decided to go with.

Current Appathetic Central
The new app's logo.

What About Daily Write, Then? What’s Up With Daily Write?

We’re working on Daily Write too. We now have a bigger picture where Daily Write is concerned. We love Daily Write. And it will get its due share of attention, and then some from us in the coming months. Big updates coming up about Daily Write on this blog soon. So stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the logo?

Keep an eye out on frivolewis’ blog, and this one, for more Appathetic updates.

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