A positive view on distractions.

BY indefiniteloop

Its pretty much normal for me to spend some time on self introspection; daily asking myself some heavy questions, like - Why is it that I am doing something? What is it that I want to achieve, by spending costly time doing whatever it is that I am currently doing?

I usually don’t end with all the answers I did like to have the answers to; And, that’s a good thing too, in most cases.

When stumped, and stumper, I plough on - sometimes while overthinking about everything; stopping myself from doing just that then becomes a game of…distractions.

Distractions Are Awesome

Most people I know (and, don’t know) would frown at that sub-title. Have you been so focused into whatever they’re doing, that even a pin drop of distraction may upset you or even become a cause for an uproar? How many times have you been in a situation where you were focused, and did get upset or angry at being distracted? I know I have, countless number of times, countless number of places.

Now let’s try some soulful experimentation; let’s assume that you were distracted, right now, by something or someone, while reading this short-long form. And, instead of letting that distraction get to you, you instead welcomed it; took it in your stride, if I may. What would happen then, what would happen if you got distracted, and continued on with that distraction for just a while longer without letting it get to you?

And, what would happen, if you went from one distraction to the next - making sure that you come back to the original task you were in the process of, and finish it in due time? What will be your emotional state then? How will that translate, for you, into your work product(s), and productivity?

Yes, I love distractions now. No, I do not have ADD/ADHD, etc. I’ve come to realize that taking part everything that happens to be distracting you, for just a little while does make you more productive, less flustered, and generally makes you have more fun. It’s just an evolutionary step to ‘let it all come to you’, now.

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