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Yes, it’s another post on Wants vs. Needs; but from the point of view of the Universe - yea an agnostic here, I do believe in the idea of a God, and for me it has the face of the Universe.

The Universe

Needs are classified as something - a thing, person, place and so on, that is vital to your existence, given your current space-time co-ordinates. Wants are classified as something - a things, person, place and so on, that is just that, a want. I will go ahead and write it - wants maybe wishes and desires. Kind of like wanderlust. You get the idea.

All of us, have wants, wishes and desires. We work, day in and day out to get those wants, wishes and desires, fulfilled. Some of you brave souls out there, start working on your wants way, way earlier and way, way harder than most of us. No, not the wanting of food at 3:00AM in the morning, or like such. I am talking about something more than those trivial luxuries, that many of us are lucky enough to have. An example of this would be, you working your ass off, saving monies for your 401K or equivalent, while providing for your loved ones, wanting to retire by the mid 40’s.

Most of us are aware, either by our own experiences or someone else’s circumstances and experiences that there are times, when things just don’t work out, no matter how much we want them to. Sometimes, things do work out, but not at the time you want them to. Sometimes, they work out, just fine. It’s this characteristic of a want, that exactly makes it a want.

You and, I, don’t stop working towards making something happen, towards fulfilling whatever it is we want; we do put up a fight for it. When wishing or wanting something, I often realize that whatever it is, it may not happen or happen at a time when least expected. How many of us have had an experience with something like this? Things working out, when we least expect them to? With me, a number of times, over and over.

We don’t usually think in terms of what we need, within our current space-time and circumstance, that would be vital or helpful to our existence. We don’t do that all! It never, really hits us. Until it does. I don’t mean needing to eat everyday - for those of us, lucky enough to have that luxury too, to survive; no I don’t mean that all. I also think, that a want becomes a need, whenever that want is fulfilled or that desire is quenched, but, not at the time you want it to. That’s the Universe for me, merely saying that I wasn’t ready or whatever it was, wasn’t meant to be because there’s something else around the corner. I’ve seen this happen, felt it. Before you label me as a hack, here’s a personal experience as an example of what I mean by a need and it’s provider.

Needs, provided by the Universe

A shot to hell, Sunday afternoon. I am standing out, on the curb, in front of the corner cigarette shop, having a smoke. Lost, wrapped up inside my head, not really noticing anything around or paying attention to anyone. Feeling like a complete douche, an asshole of a person, for hurting someone by just being me. All of a sudden, I look inside this rickshaw, I see a beautiful woman, looking at me. I don’t recognize her. I am just dazed and looking at her. All of a sudden, she smiles! Who!?, what!??, huh!? At that instant, wherever I was within my head, comes back and smiles at that woman. The rickshaw is passing, I don’t make a move, neither does she. We just smile at each other. This incident was the reason behind my smirk and smile, throughout that day.

That smile, made everything all right. A smile, from someone, totally unknown. Just what I needed, without knowing I needed it. Who decided I needed this, a smile at that particular time and space? Certainly not me, I wasn’t even aware of the fact I needed it. Anyway you look at it, it’s someone or something, somewhere, looking out for me. And, it does happen more than once.

My theory, because of all these experiences - of wanting something, someone, some place and not getting it. And of not even knowing that you desperately need something, so trivial as a smile from a perfect stranger, to continue on through the day with a smile within you - is this; that you work, you fail, but you get up again and you work some more, keep at it, keep wanting, wishing and desiring to your heart’s content. At some point, you stop expecting and just keep working.

Let it all, come to you. Let it all, come to you when you need it the most. Let it all, come to you as a reward for all that you have worked for. Whatever comes to you, be thankful. Whatever comes to you, have a smile within you to carry you through the day.

Let it all, come to you.

Cat Cool Universe

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