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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 6:

Here’s a character profile for today’s prompt:

Name: Rolo Riki

Age: 32 years old

Height: 5’11

Hair: short, salt and pepper

Eyes: Black

Nationality: Unknown. Uses multiple identities in rotation.

Appearance: East Asian

Build: Athletic

Smoker: Yes

Known Relatives: None

Known Associates: As such doesn’t stay in a place for too long. Moves around like a Bedouin. So, not much is known about his associations and affiliations. Makes friends fast. Makes enemies faster. Much of his profile is generated after speaking to both groups.

Married: Unknown

Personality: Strong willed, tempered, open, introvert, un-phased by much, amicable, hypocrite, strategist, charismatic, compartmentalizes, intelligent, and more cold than warm. Sometimes aloof.

History: Family history, and status are unknown . Much of his past is unknown.

Details: Has a peculiar interest with ruins. Specifically, he shows interest in anything that dates back before modern history. As such scrutinizes most philosophical ideas & belief systems, including religion. He can speak 16 languages; some more fluently than others. Doesn’t come across as a rich guy, but his source for funds, and resources is unknown. He seems more logical than emotional. Has published papers on a varied list of topics from biology to a more recent one on alchemy. Keeps his profile low, and doesn’t stay in one place for more than two years. Doesn’t use much of technology. Doesn’t leave a trail of paper behind, but there have been exceptions like some purchases of land, and houses in different cities & countries. Though connecting these to him, seems like a monumental task at this point in time. His goals remain unknown.

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