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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 4:

Complete the story below:

It was a hot summer day, like any other. Or so she thought. She was slithering under the leaves, in the grass. She was hunting for her prey. She was hunting, she needed the chase. She needed something more. She desired something more.

This garden was everything she could imagine it to be. And still, it was lacking something. She couldn’t place her tongue on it, yet. She had all the time in eternities, to find what was missing. She had taken that up as a challenge.

She saw a rabbit, and decided it was supper time. Instead of going straight for the rabbit’s back, she went left, wanting to flank the rabbit; to toy with it. She wanted to see the surprise; she loved the expression created by the instant between that, and shock, which was followed by realization, and then the flight.

She was quick with her moves. And, she let them get away, for the chase. She had nothing much to do, for eternities. She saw the entirety of all of this as nothing more than a circus. A show. Drama. Life, and death. She often used to wonder why she was the only predator here, in this light filled garden. She also was the only one who could understand all her prey, and their language. It made her feel special, like a pet.

She was nearing the rabbit now, and didn’t slow down. She raced ahead, and halted right in front of its left eye. The rabbit jumped. And, it was as she had predicted. She savored the instant between the surprise, and the shock it suffered. Another instant, and the rabbit took flight. She had flicked her tongue, and now she knew its smell. The game had begun.

She flicked her tongue a couple of times more. To savor the stench of its fear.

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