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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 15:

It was a thought made real. He wanted it to be plain as plain is. The frame wasn’t anything fancy or expensive or even trendy. It was a plain shade of dark gray, bordering on black. The handle bar he had chosen was black. The chain guard was blacker still. He liked grays, and blacks. They were way more simpler than other colors he could care less for. He had chosen to go with a short handle bar. The maker had to cut the original one to fit in his request. Looking at it now, riding it, he felt happy. The cool wind in his long locks, the sound of waves early in the morning on a winter day, with the moon still out for a stroll, and the sun no where to be seen, was as perfect a morning could get. He was thankful for whatever had led him to get this bicycle. He was so lost admiring the plainness of it that he did not see the speed bump approaching. It was already too late, by the time he realized it was there, he was already over then above it. When he finally jolted back down on the seat, his nuts took the brunt. They were pushed so hard that they may have become ovaries. He was in pain now. And, all he could think about was getting the damned seat changed.

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