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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 12:


“Not seeing is a flower.” - Japanese idioms

Here flower is used to describe imagination. To write events, sketch characters, create intriguing, and interesting plots, story arcs, and mostly everything else that involves writing a novel, it’s only required that we have a wild imagination. And this idiom, it so delicately puts it right by stating that reality can’t compete with imagination. I think you need to have a imagination so crazy as to be able to derive whole new worlds from it. I’ve said this before, out here on the blog, that it astounds me to no degree that people have such wonderful imaginations that it can create new languages for the benefit of creating new worlds, races, and cultures leading to a novel or ten (JRR Tolkien, Steven Erickson).

Go over the top with yours. Don’t limit yourself to what is real, in the here, and now. Most stories that I love today, defy reason, and stretch my own boundaries of imaginations. Get creative, and create a few more worlds today.

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