BY indefiniteloop

NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 11:

You’re out on a trek, and are camped out. You’ve had your dinner, followed by a hot cup of instant tea. You’re ready to retire to your sleeping bag, wanting to start early. You make sure the the campfire won’t become a forest fire. As you get up, you hear screams coming in from the forest. You hear “Someone! Anyone! Help! Please, help!”, followed by a loud scream. Then the forest goes eerily silent. All the hairs on your nape are standing up. The only thing you can now hear is your heartbeat, and the only things you can feel is the adrenaline rushing through your system, the cold air brushing against the goosebumps, and pounding in your chest. You look around, and there’s nothing but forest trees. You don’t see any other campfire around, save yours. What do you do?

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