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Day XXVIII of NaNoWriMo:

Today, I’ve a treat for all those writers who love fantasy so much. Here’s a random map generated for you. This the world of Belthamafor. Right now, the only thing living within it is potential. All those cities, ruins, seas, mountains, forests, and forts. Each on of those things is brimming with potential, that only your imagination can harness.

The Fantasy World Of Belthamafor

Fantasy world of Belthamafor
Click on the map, to download the full resolution image.

To get you started, the only thing apart from your potential is your first character, born in the world of Belthamafor. His name is Aramyan. He is currently a priest; practising, and residing in the the Abbey of Parson Tears. His bi-yearly trip to the capital of the world, is due. And he’s on his way to meet the High priest of the abbey.

Start with his background maybe? Where’s he from, originally? What made him become a priest? What does he do on these bi-monthly trips to the capital? Speaking of the capital, where’s the capital located? How does he travel from the abbey to the city? Through the senses of Aramyan, discover this world. Do as you may please with it, and come up with a fantastic story!

I was in the process of mapping my own world, which I am writing about, when I landed up on great tools by drow; tools for fantasy writers, AD&D, and other fictional, fantasy related domains. If you happen to write anything using this map, please do share by leaving a comment below! I would love to read it, and share it in a post here on this blog. If you did like to co-author something, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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