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Day XXII of NaNoWriMo:

You’re a dragon, and the inhabitant of a world full of magic, which is inhabited with other magical creatures.

Think yourself as a dragon.
You're a dragon.

Your job, as a dragon, here in this world is to show around, and introduce new readers (your rides) to this new world of yours. Take them on a journey that they will never forget. Make them meet, and interact with other creatures. Let them feel like they’re a part of this world, as much as you’re. Explain the dangers involved, and maybe even give them a role to play while you’re at it?

This prompt originally was an idea that took shape in this document here, thanks to Daniel Brinneman. I think if written well, this could really be an interesting short story, children’s novel, or an adult fantasy novel. There’s so much a writer can do with this prompt. If you’re upto it, you can start writing within the document here itself, or write using this prompt where ever you feel do so. But if you do then I really would love to read what’ve written, so do share a link by leaving a comment below.

Become a dragon!

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