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Day XX of NaNoWriMo:

It is dark, this early evening. A new moon rises today. In front of you there’s an old, very old tree. It’s huge; it’s girth as wide as the foundation of an apartment building.You’re standing across the street, in front of a dilapidated house, most of which is covered by the tree, and it’s branches. There’s nothing behind this house, except for uncared for fields, and beyond that is a lake. This place, it’s in the middle of no where. Any form of civilisation is about an hours drive from where you stand. There’s no cell reception, and no way to communicate for help other than to shout.

You’ve been dared by your love interest to enter this house. You’re scared shitless. The vibes around the house are old, and dark. You feel there’s something uninviting about the house. But you know you’ve to go in, because you cannot refuse a dare - love interest or not. It’s absolutely quite around you. Not a single sound - natural or otherwise. The only thing you hear are whispers of your love interest, and your friends who are keeping their distance. Which fades away too. There’s no breeze, and the air feels stuffy. It feels like the air wants to choke you to death. You take a gulp, and cross the street. Your footsteps are the only sound for miles around. You’re safely across, and have now stopped walking. A feeling of dread creeping up your spine. You take another gulp, and then start walking right towards the main entrance of this house.

What happens next? Write, and share it! If you do happen to use this prompt, leave a link in the comment below. I’d love to share it in a post here on this blog.

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