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Day XVIII of NaNoWriMo:

She stood there, her hands on the wired fence. Looking at the smooth curves, of those hills which were not so far away from where she stood now. There was cool wind blowing in, caressing the still waters of the lake that she so loved looking at. She often came here, and stood at this exact spot when she wanted to make a decision. This was where she felt safe, felt at home the most.

The fields ran rampant in front of her, for a short distance before they reached the lake shore. The other side was where those beautiful hills called home. She had often wished that she could visit them, but the most she could do now was to stand here and look at them. Her life hadn’t been easy, she had lost all of her family to the war that now raged in the country. She, and her mother, had lost her brothers, and father one by one. They were now alone, in this far corner of the country. The war hadn’t reached her, hadn’t reached this spot yet. There was still hope, that’s what it meant and signified for, every time she found herself standing here. She had just rejected the village chief’s proposal of marrying his son.

She wanted to join the war, wanted to get drafted. But also knew her mother would never allow that, for her. How could she put her wants across her mother, now more than ever when they had lost so much. To her mother it would only equate to yet another loss. It would mean absolute loneliness. The wind had started picking up.

Continue the story. If you do take this prompt, and continue the story then let me know by leaving a comment below. Would love to make a post of it here on this blog! Happy NaNoWriMo!

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