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Day XIII of NaNoWriMo:

“A story need not be perfect. But it has to be a story still.” -

Every one of our lives, is a story in itself; unfolding day after day, as we live on. And none of us, thankfully so, are perfect beings. According to me, that’s something that adds mystery to you, and I. Our imperfections shroud us in layers. They make us endear, and find these imperfections in others to be beautiful. Maybe even something that separates us from each other. I think these imperfections that we’re all made up of results in a never ending game of push, and pull - love, and thus hate. You don’t need to perfect, neither do I. We just need to be perfect for each other - as people, as individuals, as friends, family, and lovers.

Here’s to us, the imperfectionists; the ones with stories to share.

What do you think of imperfections? Of perfectionism, and beauty in general? Write about it, and let me know by sharing your link in the comments below!

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