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Day XII of NaNoWriMo:

Your plane crashed somewhere deep inside what seems to be the Amazon forest. You were the only other survivor, and scraped through with some scratches and burn. The other survivor with you has decided to find her own way out of this forest.

This forest is covered with trees, and rock outcrops you’ve never seen before, even in a book or online on wikipedia. It looks more like something out of a sketch, more than it being real.

You’re disorientated, hungry, and have been walking through the forest for days. You do not know what has happened to the other survivor. The compass you found on the place doesn’t work right. There’s no radio signal at all, no cell phone coverage, nothing.

You can see a clearing up ahead, and are happy to find some change in your scenery. You start walking faster, towards that clearing. On reaching that clearing you realise it’s not a clearing at all, but the edge of a cliff. You look down, and then your eyes fall to the left of the horizon. Your eyes go wide, you can’t believe what you’re seeing right now; what you’re witnessing right now can’t be real, or at least that’s what you try to tell yourself.

There on one of the rock outcrops, with it’s wings stretched out is a greyish-white dragon. It’s neck curved up like a snakes neck, right before the snake strikes. The tail of the dragon is supporting some of it’s weight, and is placed parallel to the outcrops slope. It’s wings spread out, and it’s torso is perpendicular - just like a humanoids. It seems like this dragon is standing, and waiting for something. You’re standing behind it, it’s back facing you.


Write what happens next. Finish a short story maybe? And if you do write using this prompt, let me know - leave a comment! I would love to read it!

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