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“Chance encounters, irrespective of the medium, provide these insights on who, and what you’re. Insights on what you’ve become, and what you’re capable of. Maybe that’s why they say that travel is key, and to meet people on those travels is key; key to finding yourself. Key to the wisdom of - who you’re doesn’t really matter; never really did. What matters then is who you choose to be, here in the now. Who you choose to be, to be with, and around. Learning to know yourself is futility personified. It will only drive you crazy, and you’ll only do things that you let define who you are, in the end. And, most of us forget (Including me) that we change, everyday so. Every morning, when we’re blessed with another sunshine, we’re irrevocably different from who we were yesterday. Be who you wish to be, become what you want to. We are what we become. “ -

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