BY indefiniteloop

To you all who’ve managed to seep inside. And, to those burnt bridges too!

“What I mean is missing the other persons smile, the way talk or tilt their head when they perhaps are trying to hide something from you. People, and what they do is what changes us. I mean I have a very cold, and iron-thick skin; acquired more than grown out of my own volition. Rarely even does a person peak inside or dares to. Rarer still is another’s ability to stay. Even rarer, is the will of my skin to accept someone else’s touch or presence. Yes, I lose all of my humility when it comes attachments; I call it self-preservation. Because you see, once inside that same person becomes a part of me. I have them with me, and thus carry them with me. I allow them to shape my identity. No, I don’t lose it within them. I let them become a part of me. Because of their tenacity to stay, no matter how cold it gets inside; and, precisely because of that, and them is how I get all warm, and fuzzy on the inside. Because of them I enjoy the rain, enjoy to travel, enjoy to look for more of such people. Because, they’ll stay. Because, in their own way with or without them being around me, they’ll be a support system in their own light; I, in return will be theirs. Because, they’re what I choose to call home. And, that choice of calling someone home is unto us, individually so; unto you, and I. Then, there are times when someone just doesn’t fit; when you just don’t fit in with them; times when burning bridges is the only option left. There are, and will be times when goodbyes too are necessary. And, once I say mine, the skin I wear becomes thicker still; colder, and more ironclad still. Thicker, and thicker it’ll get, until one day it’ll wear off; just like that. “ -

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