BY indefiniteloop

“Implicit trust is the rarest commodity in this time, and age. Many of us take that word, and it’s meaning for granted. I know I’ve. With everyone bellowing on about their agendas, it’s rare to find anyone who you can trust your back with. Yet there are few, with broad shoulders, scattered around this lonely planet. And if by chance, you come across such a person(s), don’t hesitate to follow their back. We might learn a thing, or two just by measuring their shoulders. A lot is written there. Readily Visible, in plain sight. They may not appear to be the shimmering rocks they are, but given the chance, and the opportunity they will be there to hold you up on your two feet. Walk you down the road, and make sure you reach where you intended to. This they will do, for no reason at all. Here’s to our journeys! “ -

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