BY indefiniteloop

“I have very lousy feet. For the life of me, I can’t seem to move them. There’s rarely any serene movements originating from them, when putting one feet in front of the other. This I know as a fact, because I’ve tried dancing. Not that I don’t still dance, more often than not I dance with myself. What I do love about’em though, is that they’re hefty, and strong. Hefty enough to stay put, when the waves rush into you. Strong enough to carry me, and lead me. Strong enough that they don’t give in, when I feel like standing up. Strong enough, to push me back up when I do fall, thus making me stand. They always stay connected to the Ground, and thus make me stay grounded. Grounded enough that they don’t let storms decide my bearings. Thus, they make me look up, from time to time; making me look up, and ask for directions. Grounded enough to keep standing, while taking a punch or two. Grounded enough to keep advancing, albeit slowly, while I am throwing the punches back. So, I may take a couple of hits from you, and get my nose red; but, at the same time I will give back what I get. And so, I am unable to lead you on the dance floor; but as sure as hell, I can carry you home with the help of my lousy feet.” -

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