BY indefiniteloop

“The more I remember, the more I lose the ability to retain. It’s like all those sounds, smells, tastes, and textures are being experienced by me so that my mind can get comfortable; feel safe, if I may. The mind, it tries to recreate moments from the past; it being unable to put it’s faith in the laws of physics that govern time travel, and mass. What it fails to realize, is that the more it tries to recreate these moments, the more it changes, and adapts them for what it wants them to be. I’ve to keep fighting it off; keep making it realize that things are not what as it sees. But alas, my patience wears thinner, and thinner with each battle done. Thus, I’ve decided to let it wander, and change what memories it has to, while I outrun the sun. I’ll let it continue with its process of my memories’ evolutions, because as those memories change into something else, there’ll be none left of those veiled regrets. It’s time for making some room; it’s time to clear up the clutter. It’s time finally, to forget.” -

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