BY indefiniteloop

“To speak of destiny for all good, and bad, it is to make it a crutch in lieu of acceptance of all efforts, and choices made that culminated into this consequence or a series of consequences abound with chaos, and chance. It is to belittle your own capacity, capability, and applicability of doing, of action, and of living the way you chose to live in a chaotic world that does not make sense to anyone making the same amount of choices, and putting in the same amount of effort as you. Own it, own everything, own every little bit of it all that has befallen, will become, and will never be. Accept it all the way it is, the way it’ll become, the way it never was. Go through it, keep on going through it all of it to emerge on the other side of the universe where nothingness dwells within madness, and then embrace it. Embrace yourself.” -

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