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Is it a mandatory requirement to smile, when I walk past people? That’s the thought I’ve been carrying with me today. Wouldn’t it be nice to run into someone who did some wrong by you, and you could genuinely look them in the eye, and smile? I’ve noticed that I do try to smile when walking past such people, but sometimes I just can’t. Oh! I can smile, and greet people who are complete strangers, and at people who still are in some way related to me, but sometimes I can’t smile at the people I once knew. Maybe because we are all made like that - in a way that a strange fragrance reminds us of some memory our brain had associated it with. Why smile at them? Well, why not? It’s not like we expect ourselves to rebuild what once was, or that we’re trying to hold on to the past. It’s because we must strive to let go of all that which is pent up, and not become a harbor for it. If I am able to smile, every single time I see you - no matter the past, the present or the future, then I know for a fact that everything in this world is worth smiling for. Thus, I will try my damnedest hard to smile, while walking past people I once knew, or the ones I now know. Not because of them, but because of me, and the better me of tomorrow.

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