BY indefiniteloop

“What do you see, around you? Is it strangers walking by or barging in to say hi? Is it rains or the scorching sands? Is it a river or a toilet seats upper hand? Is any of it real or it never really was your land? Then, what do you seek, around you? Is it a treasure or time perhaps? Is it a life filled with luxury or one with a desk full of maps? Is it one where you chase those butterflies or the one where you’re holding a knife? Is it a life or is it alive? Is it one where bake the cate and eat it too or the one where you chase breadcrumbs in a pack of two? Is it that you’re looking for an ocean or wanting to lay on the sands under the burning sun? Is it one where you’ll raise your flag or the one where you’ll make yourself gag? Is it a world full of made up ideals or to overcome a world full ordeals? Is it a world full of order and sums or a world full of chaos and rum? “ —

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