BY indefiniteloop

“It’s dark, cold, and strewn with a million suns that outshine mine. And I like it that way. It’s pretty, and blinding at the same time. I can keep falling in love, that way. I keep observing the wonders that make my sky. I can travel on sweet star dust, discovering the light along the way. This keeps me smiling, that way. Every Sun’s light is etched within me, making mine shinier, as I grow dimmer. I can vanish, that way. These stars they teach, how to burn with an everlasting fury that burns their solitudes away. This sky is nothing less than a dance floor, filled with graceful feet that marks existence within time’s echoes. This sky, it outshines blackholes. This sky, is home to the multitude of my soul. This shiny little corner of the universe, is my home.” -

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