BY indefiniteloop

“There’s a price to be paid for being bare and vulnerable all the time when everyone else is doused in medieval armor but there’re far many more rewards that outweigh the price in most cases and not everyone accepts this perception of bleeding for who we are and we are nothing more than suffering animals with a want to survive and thrive but without the suffering involved and without wanting any part of adaptation that actually is the process which Mother Nature chose to raise us with because at some point we’ll have to take the reins from our parent and all our parent here wants is not to suffer like she did and thus is making us ready for making our own mistakes which we are making and suffering from but we refuse to learn for some reason and maybe we’re in our rebellious teenage years where we rebel against our mother because we think we know what’s right and wrong and claim to know and understand everything but as time goes by we begin to accept our mistakes and challenge our notions influenced with biases and we know of knowledge in favor of gaining, ever-learning, experiencing the true nature of our own roots that even time itself fails to comprehend.” —

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