BY indefiniteloop

“Interpretations, more often than not, fail to be translated. There’s always something lost, to entropy. While there’s nothing wrong with that, nothing whatsoever wrong with that - it still remains that you, I, and everyone else has their own perspectives, biases, and perceptions.

I read. And as I read more, the only thing that becomes clearer page after page, with respect to history, and our legacies, is that there’s much of it lost with time. At the end of the day, words are mere tools for processing thoughts into actions - that’s how I’ve come to know mine, and that’s how I’ve come to love them. Precisely the reason as to why I am in love with writing, in all it’s forms; this action of writing everyday, it births new ideas, creates space for more thoughts to come forth clearly, and helps me, foremost to communicate with myself. Thus leading me to act further - all of it steering me on; making me do more, be more.

I’ve also realised that there’s a lot at stake, when you’re communicating anything, to anyone. And the only way, to not lose anything between translations, is to act; rather than use words, and least of all - use, and drop hints.

The legacies we leave behind, never will matter once the author is all but dust. These legacies, will then be lost - to the darkness of Time, and the vast expanse of this Void we all float in. They’ll be dissolved, and thinned out with echoes of so many interpretations, and opinions. They’ll be reforged, and malformed; beautiful still but, none the less, malformed. They’ve been used as propaganda, excuses for wars, control, and manipulations. Yes, all of that is beautiful - in a sordid, chaotic, messy way; but, it is still not, and never will be what they were when created; no one will know what, and who their words were meant for. Those words written by that author were meant for something, or someone. That’s what is lost in words, to darkness.

Words, they inspire, motivate, bring clarity, jump start the thought process, and push you down paths you never knew existed. But again, in the end you’ve to walk the talk. Thus actions, on the other hand, are the creators of these, our so called legacies. They create these histories that go down in the books. Actions, they evoke emotions. They communicate, like no other medium can or ever will - unless we all evolve into telepaths. Actions, they tell you - I still care. They tell you - I’m still here. And thus is my legacy fulfilled, affording me the comfort to return to the stars once again.” -

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