BY indefiniteloop

“A punch in the face. Yes it hurts like a bitch, at first. Then you get used to it. Fill yourself with crazies like “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Nothing to debate with that quote, except the fact that you tend to take those subsequent punches for granted. Yes they make you stronger, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve to get used to them so much so that you become indifferent to them hitting you, in your face. At some point in time, when you’ve taken in those punches, counted them, and thanked each one of them - at that point you’ve to close your fists, and let your heart flow to your knuckles. At some point in time, when you can no longer recognise yourself in the mirror - at that point you’ve to start punching back while trusting in your newfound stronger self. You’ve to start punching back with everything you’ve become.” -

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