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“I saw a gecko from my window, standing still on this tree in my backyard. He’s waiting for something … waiting to get something. Most likely it’s food that he’s waiting for. I came back in, and sat to work. Some time passed by, about an hour - hour, and half maybe. I got up, went to the window again, to check up on the gecko. Something called me to it. He’s was still there. He hadn’t moved an inch. Still there perched on the bark of that tree, waiting. This led me to think that having patience then is somehow related to Nature. That Nature knows the wants of her creations, and knows that patience would be required for survival. You gotta have some blue blood in you, to cooly wait for springing the trap; to wait, be stubborn, and survive. Then I thought about the geckos’ cousin in the species tree - the Chameleon. You’ve to have some blue blood, and be adaptable to survive. Be open to changing the way you think, and perceive based on known facts, and educated guesses. Patience, grit, and adaptability breeds becoming.” -

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