BY indefiniteloop

“Time is a construct of the mind, and of relativity. It’s precise, impatient, unbendable, and maybe even prison like. We rush, from one end to another; from one goal to another; from one person to another. We’re always trying, failing, succeeding, falling, flying, drowning, swimming, and thinking - we’re, almost always, partly in the present continuos, partly in the past, and partly in the future. Divided then, we fall; and thus we become nothing. Being present fully, we’re at our strongest, most immediate selves. Time then, is a very personal construct; it’s imposed universally. It’s also distributed universally - in seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades, and eons. Accepted universally, instead of us accepting the infinity of, and in our heart; instead of us accepting its beats as milestones. Instead of making music, magic, and wonder, we make time. Instead of making eternities, we make lives. What’s a lifetime then? Can it be quantified universally? Can you measure the quality of it, instead? Can we compare our lifetimes even? Is duration such a heavy word, and construct? Shouldn’t a lifetime be enough of an eternity, and not the echoes of time passing by? What’s time got to do with, or within a lifetime?” -

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