BY indefiniteloop

“Is it found anywhere that a butterfly cannot undergo metamorphosis, yet again? Look at the stalks, for they were but seeds. And soon those stalks will be feed, soon after the rains. Nature’s truest form is assimilation of all within her territory. Thus with all things coming from the void of Nature, this nature of assimilation is a hereditary story. It’s inherent in the nature of everything, to be assimilated. Everything remains the same, until you keep halving it. Then it becomes nought. Maybe there exists an open-ended blueprint. One created by traversing from point to point, on a plane; created when dots join together. The distance between all of these points, these dots is long, and arduous. Thus transformation is long, and arduous; all journeys finally leading back to nature. Everything that transpires during this journey, between these dots, these points is all but a song. And we say our goodbyes whilst dancing to it’s rhythm, never knowing how it carries us home. We say our hellos while the plots create twists; ever thus stepping closer, and closer to loam.” -

“Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion. “ - Democritus.

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