BY indefiniteloop

“It has to be about nothing; Colorful, cold, numb, warm, healing, emoting, destroying, stormy, calm, and universal nothingness - A void that is full of those things. It’s full, and empty at the same time. Combustible, and inert, at the same time. Full of unexplained chaos, and devoid of all obsessive control. Witnessed, and lit by the stars. Full of time imbued aromas; flavored by moments. Composed of musical intervals, that provide a much needed escape from a singular reality. It has a demonic control over time, and all its inhabitants. It’s forceful, in being imposingly un-forceful. Loyal during the days, and wildly bare during the nights. It wanders, and most of the time, it’s lost. But, it always has a plan; a plan to play it by the ear. It’s a treasure trove then, of all things inside of me; a reflection then of the desolated desert of novas; a reflection of scatter islands in the midst of a world covered in the densest of fogs.” -

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