BY indefiniteloop

“A circuitous road that goes round, and round like a ferris wheel that also doubles as a perpetual machine and defies the same laws of gravity that governs everything else in this universe but this merry go around of suffering that seems to create this and all other universes all by itself while completing the circle over and over again as if searching for an end or something that will bring an end to all that suffering which is responsible for so much light even if it is borne in darkness which again was borne within this same light of creation which is only a part of the other side of the coin that is destruction and both of them just keep at it no matter the collateral damage that each of them cause to the other and they never see eye to eye and they never produce anything other than brightest of lights and deepest of darknesses no matter how many times they go around in this circuitous ferris wheel repeating histories not meant for anything else but to find an end and meant only as a means to an end and ends to a mean.” —

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