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“Looking at the pigeons feeding, fighting passive aggressively over morsels of grains thrown by their benefactors, you are reminded of how this city’s mentality gets imbrued into everything living, and not. The coos of these pigeons is like the anger filled melody of horns on these streets. The urgency of feeding themselves is the same urgency you see in people around, who want to do so much more but fail short of picking up those morsels. Their hunt for shelter when there’s none to afford is again an uncontrastable parallel to the almost zombie like minds all around. Probably the only difference you can find between these pigeons, and the people here is of the fact that the pigeons have wings. “ -

Today’s verse is inspired by the image embedded below. This is the thought that ran through me, when I saw these birds running away, and coming back for more. Resilient, feisty, ever on their toes, always hustling, but none the less over powered by their wants to feed, wants of shelter, and wants of creating an urgency which may not exist.

This city, more often than not it feels like a pigeon hole. #vsco

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