BY indefiniteloop

“Or rather I am a lover of the nights… I do not wish to be washed away by the One Star’s light; it robs the beauty of the millions of diamonds strewn in the Sky. Those millions, together, are as bright as that One Star. While they shine, the Moon mirrors the brightness I forsake. I am a lover of the nights… Wandering the forests with other nocturnals, I do not wish to find myself within the crowds, and crows. Rather, I am in love with the peace that only the darkness bestows. That peace, which speaks in incorrigible volumes with my soul. While the rest of them, they crowd around the trees as soon as the Day begins. I am the lover of nights… I do not wish to burn away by the heat of your Sun; its anger still burns white, inflicting scorched pains. The nights, they offer respite from within. While the Sun burns itself with ever anger, greed, and perpetual yearning, the shroud of cool darkness soothes, pets, and restores my patience. I am the lover of nights.” -

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