BY indefiniteloop

“Smile, it’s the easiest thing to do. That’s the one thing he followed through. No matter where or what or how. I guess, someone or something, always blessed him. To have been whole, till this day. To be able to accept what came his way. And for things that he couldn’t accept, someone or something ever shielded him, from them. For that he will always be grateful. Thank you to everyone, who protected and kept an eye on him. To everyone, who was ever there. His only wish was that his affections and bonds were there, for all of you too; especially when you needed them. There were things left undone, and things that he accomplished.He was, manipulative. Something that dawned onto him, much later in life. Something he always grappled with, after he was aware of being so. While he may not’ve been a forgetful person, he was a forgiving one.” -

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