BY indefiniteloop

“Do you keep pouring water on barren soil? Do you keep hoping that it may one day bear your child? Did you know that it was an ocean once, and that this ocean was filled with dark, bright, and accursed Suns? Did you know that they couldn’t wait to fulfill their destinies, of showering rain? Did you know that they burned twice as hard, believing in the myth of living fast? Did you know they had snowflakes for patience? Did you know that they died, while they destroyed their nations? What do you think was left after they were gone? Do you know that the only thing that remained was a song? Did you know that this song sang their stories? Do you know that it sang for the sake of history? Can’t you hear the mellow cries, of the melancholic winds? Why do you repeat their sins? Why do you then, still water this barren soil again?” -

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