BY indefiniteloop

“The moment we feel overwhelmed, is the exact moment we should take as a sign to clean things up from around us. We are but extensions of our awareness of everything, and everyone that surrounds us. And, ignorance can only keep us in a state of bliss for so long. Sooner or later, we’ll start noticing everything we so carefully have slipped under our rugs. If the mound of these things should grow, we just may topple ourselves. Then there’s also the argument that we should make some space for other things to fit there, right under that same rug. And, unless we clean the old ones out, how then are we suppose to fit in our new complexities there? I think, thus less becomes more; less, is more. Until one day, less is not anymore. On such a day ignorance is not anymore. On such a day there remains nothing to hide; nothing weighs nothing. -

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