BY indefiniteloop

“It’s funny how we give way to legacy; how we tend to leave them behind. No matter how stubborn we’re, we give way to life. The old gives way to the new. The past gives way to a future; in the throes of leaving some kind of signs behind; signs of our own existence. Why is that we feel this urge to leave some kind of legacy behind; some kind of a sign, in a big pool of nothingness that surrounds us? Does this need, spring from our loins? Or is it nature herself that guides us, wanting to leave her legacies behind; desperately wanting to leave signs of her own existence behind? Then, are our all actions as a collective or as an individual a sign of this desperation? Is all our progress, and prowess a beacon of a sort for the generations to come? Is destiny nothing but an unwritten code of building these legacies; going ever onward from generation to generation?” -

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