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“There is hope there, but… it lies in the stars or so he had wrote in a letter that painted his views on a poetic endeavor that led to a reddened man’s fall and reading this letter after a century or more past and coming across this particular sentence in a paragraph all I could relate to and with were these words that he chose for expressing his own views on those written poems of grief and red infused ideas while a single solitary thought kept on nagging and nudging my own brain that is being weighed down with its own water like ambitions and oil like ideas all of which were further captivated with this same singular exuberant thought that if there is hope, and… if it lies in the stars then what the flying freak show f&@k are we doing here on this planet which in itself is nothing short of a star for it burns with your soul and mine too (his words again) but still… what the heck are we trying to prove or do or attain by keeping ourselves bound to just this one star when all hope lies ahead and above our heads ever so slightly fading away with time while we occupy our sorry selves with trifling trivial realities and bargain with our very own natures” - by

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