BY indefiniteloop

“I am here to learn. To be transformed into something more humble. To chase after my lust. To fulfill yours, maybe. To lose all my weight as I go on further; weight of things that do not matter, never did. I am here to be set free. Free of confinement imposed by myself, unto myself. Free of self-doubts. I am here to burn it all down. To burn everything I’ve written, so that it all becomes ashes. Just like I will, one day. Then maybe, just maybe I can carry these words with me, if nothing else. I am here to find a new harbor. Harbor from the storms that I’ve created, to lead me into confusing whirlpools. Harbor from gigantic waves that were created when I allowed my self to sink. I am here to find myself, yet again. To find myself again by learning from you. To find myself again, by sharing these yolky moments with you. To trust myself again, by embracing what I learn about me from you. I am here, and now.” -

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