BY indefiniteloop

“Settling down is the sheer act of forcefully harnessing the power of purpose which eludes us still as we try to grasp meanings of everything that surrounds us including what lies beneath, above, before, and after fearful death which in itself is the purpose if not the only one that we can harness and strive for instead of losing ourselves more in commitment of something that we do not want to be bounded by much like a bird spreading her wings in a big cage that is either made up of commitments or made up of freedom itself but at the same time realizing that it is a cage that we are bred in and with us there other birds whose wings we clip and who clip our own just by wanting to spread them and flap them so that we may fly or taste what flying is like or what a soaring bird feels without the thread of attachments or wants of a comfortable cage and that soaring bird realizes that he’s flying high on a precarious wind that may carry him to the lows of low and to the heights of highs while his time goes by and not. “ —

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