BY indefiniteloop

“I wake up and find myself smiling from a sundry scintillating dream that answered my desires to the full extent of my own imaginations which realities and universes that I create daily could never begin to comprehend or accept these dreams that answer my waitings because of these rules they’re bound to so as to starve off chaos from a child born out of it under the same stars that burn so brightly in my secret worlds within these dreams which my own soul visits on as many nightly occasions as it can afford to visit so that it just may heal itself from ailments of the same worldly nature that it is put to day after day by itself under a burning star at the stake of reality and once I am fully awakened everyday is when I venture to stand and look out of the tiny window in my cage and witness the many wonderful delights of free birds squirrels and other fauna that still plays nature’s games and it is also the time I realize that there’s no wind or breeze or gusts but a sad stillness that hangs around like the green leaves of unmoving trees.” -

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