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“As the sun rose, I saw a bountiful of dose in the silver plate kept in front of me. It was a pile up of everything that needed to be digested, before the sun dozed off again. The stomach was already afoul with yesterday’s brunch. It constantly complained that there wasn’t any space left for today’s crunch. There were none that could help me finish this bunch. Soon it would be noon, and then it would be time for lunch. Everything was, and is so heavily dependent on time. I doubt that they’ll serve some red wine. It feels hot, stuffing my face with the servers lot. It feels like I am in a boiling pot of sorts. Yet, I do have to finish what’s on me plate. Even though it’s more than enough, this grub, it never satiates. I guess I’ll take it one spoonful at a time. I like to savor every bite, and that’s is my crime. That’s is my plight. There’s just too much on my plate. Oh boy, oh boy! I have lost my appetite. Oh boy, oh boy I’ll again be late.” -

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