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“Stardust and nothing but stardust is what exists in any realm of any reality which in itself is made up of the same imaginary precepts that we are all born to harness much like the wind that is as fickle as the flame of both our hearts and mementos both of which we leave behind as scraps from an old scrap dealer and all the while thinking that one man’s trash would translate to another’s treasures of such kind that these would then be taken up as a path that leads forward but if anything these same perceptions that are passed down become purpose and causes for a world that is bent on revolving around the same misery of histories much like the planets that revolve around their suns and the moons that revolve around their planets in the hopes of changing their orbits one day and in their and our short lifespans the stars retire and the planets return to the void along with their moons without anything but hope” - by

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