BY indefiniteloop

“I think it’s inherent within our nature, that we keep wanting more of everything; keep wanting more from everything. I suppose the reason for this inherent want, is that we know we are alive. Or, it could also be that these wants define our existence for us. Then it’s the part of us which is self conscious that makes us want to want more. Because it’s painfully aware that one day all of the wants, internal and external to us will cease. Then is it safe to assume, and think that the day we stop wanting more, will either be the day we die, or the day we conquer that which makes us who we are? What happens if all those wants recede, back to where they came from; like the waves on the shore? What happens to us when we keep pushing them away, back into the corners where they were born? Do we then cease to exist? Are those wants, and that singular urge to conquer them all, make us feel alive, and all powerful?” -

“The Spirit filters through what I want and shows me who I am.” - E’yen A. Gardner.

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