BY indefiniteloop

“You know, we’re living in a dystopian future. The kind we often read about in these fictional tales. We’re living in one; no, not living in a tale but living, and experiencing a dystopian future. The current environment of the world, the nonchalance of our peoples, the loss of the drive, and the strive to leave something better behind for future generations, the strife of everyday living being taken lightly, almost everything taken for granted, and everyone being okay with what we see around us, along with everyone being okay with distancing themselves from some of the most important concerns of our times, along with everyone now being wary of each other is dystopian. The definition of dystopian fits very snugly to the world we’ve carved out for ourselves, and within the pursuit of our own happiness we’ve forgotten what it is to live; me included. Above all else, I think we’ve stopped being open to each other, to the world around us, and to ourselves. Because, getting comfortable with a screen in our hands, and texts in our mouths to send, is so easy; everything is so available, and quick that we don’t feel the need for things that actually matter. Like a real conversation.” -

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